Crocheting is one of my passions and I don’t go a day without at least touching one of my current works in progress. Back in the spring, I started this blog but left you with an introduction post and crickets all summer long. I jumped headfirst into pattern testing meanwhile struggling to find the direction my blog was going to go. What do I post? Who is even reading this? So this blog sat, alone, waiting for me to steer it in any direction I wanted.

There are already so many stitch tutorials out there but I had thought about sharing the latest stitches that I’ve learned with you. As I finish my crocheted items, I will post them on my Etsy and share them with you here as well. And finally as I write up my pattern designs, I would love to share them with you, with a full pdf being published in Ravelry and Etsy.

So tell me what would you like to read about?



2 responses to “Guidance”

  1. simplymelaniejane Avatar

    So Awesome Ethy! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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