Crossroads Beanie

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all my readers! 

I am super excited to announce the release of my Crossroads Beanie pattern and the next addition to my Crossroads Collection.  This is an advanced beginner friendly pattern and includes a photo tutorial to walk you through the link stitch.  No two head sizes are the same, so while I have included sizing information for toddler to large adult, it is fully customizable to any head circumference and height preference.

You can find the pattern pdf for the Crossroads Beanie available for purchase in my Ravelry Store.   The large Crossroads Beanie is available for free here on my blog and you can also find my link stitch photo tutorial on my blog here!  Enjoy!

Medium weight (4) (worsted, Aran)
Yardage: Approximately 100-175
6 mm or hook needed to obtain gauge

Stitches St(s)
Chain (ch)
Single crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double crochet (dc)
Round(s) rd(s)
Front post half double crochet (fphdc)
Back post half double crochet (bphdc)

Pattern Notes
Advanced Beginner
Written in US crochet terms
Finished Size: About 10″ wide and 8″ tall
Gauge: 14 sts. and rows 1-10 = 4×4

Before you start
Pattern is worked in rows then joined and worked in the round.
Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
Ch 3 counts as a stitch.

Pattern Instructions


Ch 25, turn.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch and each ch across, turn. (24 sc)

Row 2: Ch 3, link stitch in each st across, turn. (24 link stitches)

Rows 3-41: Repeat rows 1 & 2, ending with row 1.

Row 42: Repeat Row 2 once more.

*Wrap around head to check fit of the beanie’s circumference.  There should be some stretch to allow for a snug fit.  Decrease or increase rows as desired to customize to your head size. 

Ensure you end on a link stitch row to have right side facing after the seam.


Fold right sides together (link side facing together) and slip stitch last row to row 1. 

Do not fasten off.  Turn right side out.  Make sure your seam is on the inside.  Turn. 


You will now be working in the round. 

Brim adds an additional 1-2” to total height.

Rd 1: Sc evenly around (3 sc across the link stitch rows and skipping the sc rows), join. (64 sc)

Rd. 2: Ch 3, dc in last chain of round, * skip st, Dc next st, Dc skipped st, repeat from * around, join to top of ch 3. Join. (32 crosses, 64 dc)

*Check to ensure your beanie height is where you would like it to be.  To add more height, repeat rounds 1 and 2 as desired before moving to the remaining brim rounds.

Rd. 3: Ch 1 hdc in each st around, join.  (64 hdc)

Rd 4: Ch 3, fphdc 1st stitch, *bphdc next, fphdc next, repeat from * around, join.  (64 hdc)

Rd 5:  Repeat round 4.

Finish off with invisible join.

With a 24” length of yarn, sew the top of the beanie closed. 

Attached a pom if desired.

Weave in ends.

Congratulations, your Crossroads Beanie is complete!

I would love to see your projects on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @owensvillchick or using the hashtags #crossroadsbeanie #crossroadscollection #ovcdesigns and #owensvillachickedesigns.


A special thank you to my testers for making this pattern amazing!

Check out the lovely the beanies they created!

Until next time, Happy Crocheting!


Owensvillachick Designs

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