Blooming Grace Basket

Remember the saying, April showers bring May flowers? Well I couldn’t help but follow up my Purple Rain Wind Spinner pattern with my Blooming Grace Basket. I had really hoped to get this one out sooner but I fell subject to a carpal tunnel injury whilst moving our garden and was forced to take a major hiatus from crochet. Let me just say it was absolutely miserable and I am so happy to be back at it again.

This is a fun choose your own adventure style pattern and the texture is amazing! Small, medium or large; short or tall; and finally handle or no handle. Really the options are endless with this one. Which would you choose?

I have been in spring mode for a couple of months now and couldn’t resist throwing in the link stitch with this one. Isn’t she lovely?

You can find the instructions for the small short basket without handles below. All sizes with photo tutorials are included in my paid pattern pdf in my Ravelry Store.

Medium (4) yarn (worsted, Aran)
Main color for basket and two other colors for stems and flowers.
Yardage: Approximately 130 yards total
                About 100yards main color
                About 20 yards flower color
                About 10 yards leaf color
4.5 mm hook
Mesh plastic (if desired for bottom)

Back loop only single crochet (blosc)
Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Double Crochet Increase (dcinc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Half Double Crochet Increase (hdcinc)
Magic Circle (mc)
Single Crochet (sc)
Single Crochet Increase (scinc)
Stitches St(s)
Triple crochet (tr)
Tunisian simple stitch (tss)
Yarn over (yo)

Pattern Notes
Written in US crochet terms
Finished Size: 4.5” diameter
Gauge: Not necessary.

Before You Start
Pattern is worked in the round, from the bottom up.
Ch 1 turning chain does not count as a stitch.
Ch 3 counts as a stitch.
You can use any size yarn and hook for this project, just note that the dimensions and yarn requirements will be different than listed above.

Pattern Instructions

Make 2 bottom circles.

Begin by ch 3 and join to first chain or MC to create a circle.

1) 8 sc into center of circle, join. (8)

2) Ch 1, scinc in each, join. (16)

3) Ch 1, (Sc, scinc) 8 times, join (24)

4) Ch 1, (sc 2, scinc) 8 times, join. (32)

5) Ch 1, (sc 3, scinc) 8 times, join. (40)

6) Ch 1, (sc 4, scinc) 8 times, join. (48)

7) Ch 1, (sc 5, scinc) 8 times, join. (56)

8) Ch 1, (sc 6, scinc) 8 times, join. (64)

9) Ch 1, (sc 7, scinc) 8 times, join. (72)

10) Ch 1, (sc 8, scinc) 8 times, join. (80)

Fasten off first circle and set aside.

Do not fasten off second circle.

Place both circles with wrong sides together. Work into both circles in round 11.

*Rounds 11 and 12 are worked with the inside of the circle closest to you.

*You will turn in round 13 and continue working on the outside of the basket.

11) Ch1, slip stitch in each stitch around, join. (80)

12) Ch 1, blosc in each sl st around, join, turn. (80)

13) Ch 1, hdc cluster in each stitch around, hdc in last st, join (79 hdc clusters, 1 hdc)

14) Ch 3, link stitch in each stitch around, join. (80 link stitches)

Fasten off. You will weave your end behind the link stitch join to close it.

Change to green yarn. Join with slip stitch into top of joined link stitch.

15) Ch 1, (tr in bottom horizontal bar of link st, ch 1, tr in same st, skip next st, hdc in top of next link st , ch 1 hdc in same st, skip next st, dc in middle horizontal bar of next link st, ch 1, dc in same st, skip next st, hdc in top of the next link stitch, ch 1, hdc in same stitch, skip next) repeat 9 times around, join. (20 tr, 20 dc, 40 hdc, 40 ch 1) Fasten off.

Change to flower color. Join with slip stitch into top of first tr of round 15.

16) Ch 1, (2 puff sts in ch space between tr sts, ch 1, 1 puff in ch space between hdc sts, ch 1, 2 puff sts in ch space between dc sts, ch 1, 1 puff in ch space between hdc sts) repeat around and join. (60 puffs, 40 ch 2)

Fasten off.

*TIP: It is helpful to weave in your ends before continuing onto round 17.

Change to basket color. Join in first skipped stitch after the first hdc from round 15.

* Rounds 17 and 18 are worked behind rounds 15 and 16.

*TIP: It is helpful to fold down rounds 15 and 16 so you can work into and see round 14 better.

17) Working into round 14, ch1, hdc same st, skip next st, (hdc next st, ch 1, skip next st) repeat around, join to top of 1st hdc. (40 hdc, 40 ch)

18) Ch 2, (hdc in ch 1 space, skip hdc, ch 1) repeat around, omitting last ch 1 and join in ch 2 space. (40 hdc, 39 ch 1, 1 ch 2)

*Working in the ch spaces between flowers in round 16 and ch 1 spaces of round 18.

19) Ch 1, (sc in ch space, ch 1, skip hdc) repeat around, join. (80)

20) Ch 1, hdc cluster in each st around, hdc in last st, join. (79 hdc clusters, 1 hdc)

Do not fasten off if you are continuing with the handle.

Otherwise, fasten off and weave in end.


Ch 1, turn, sl st loosely in next 6 chs/sts, turn.

TSS st using 6 sl sts from previous row (6 stitches)

Repeat TSS to desired handle length.

To join to the opposite side of the basket, Sl st into each Tunisian stitch and hdc stitch and pull the yarn through both loops.

Congratulations, your Blooming Grace Basket is complete!

I would love to see your projects on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @owensvillachick or using the hashtag #bloominggracebasket #owensvillachickdesigns #ovcdesigns.


A special thank you to my testers for making this pattern amazing!

Check out their amazing baskets!

Until next time, Happy Crocheting!


Owensvillachick Designs

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