May Hops and Happenings

I don’t know about y’all but I absolutely love the spring season! All my plants are happily green with pretty flowers blooming everywhere!

My hubby and I have been working hard these past few weekends getting all of our seed starts planted in our vegetable garden and I am looking forward to harvesting all of that delicious goodness!

We are nearing the end of school and I think all of us at Owens Villa are anticipating the arrival of summer vacation!

I wanted to drop in to share happenings for the month of May! I will be sharing each of the featured patterns on my Facebook and Instagram pages and in the OVC Designs Community Group!

I will be joining 14 fabulous designers in Mae’s Flowers Blog Hop hosted by Jo’s Crafty Hook! So many lovely patterns are ready to jump onto your hooks this month!

Mae’s Flowers Blog Hop features some fun flower themed crochet patterns and will run from May 1st-18th! Each pattern will be free for 24 hours only and there is not a bundle sale with this hop which means after the 24 hours the coupon code will expire.

Click on the button below to go to the blog hop for the featured patterns! I hope you enjoy hopping along with me and hooking some of these fabulous designs!

Until next time,

Happy Yarning!



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